About Us

From Fintech to MIS & e-Commerce, we are here to bring your vision to fruit!

Dimensional Sys Inc. is a US-based company, has an off-shore office in Pakistan. Since 2016, we have been providing Fintech and eCommerce services to North American companies. 

We are the old timers of Software development, with a decade old setup, our team has grown with our projects. We are not your everyday paper pushers. We are the envelope pushers, who are here to stay on the outbound of innovation.

You have an outstanding IT solution? Pitch us and we will bring it to life.

Our clients are our value. We are a boutique team of super picky snobs, who are exceptionally loyal! Almost every clients stay with us for decades!

We created Invest-EDU, the mobile app for Stock Market Education LLC. It was first of its kind platform to educate people about stock market trading.

One of our clients from Airline industry was struggling with PCI compliance and the magnitude of the data made it harder and challenging to funnel the information through a single data compliance channel.

We have experienced developing different kinds of MIS, CMS, and websites throughout the last 10 years.

Classic solutions have far outgrown the conventional app and website devOps. The modern solutions are complex, focused on streamlining the online presence of our clients.

We have contributed in setting up data security for the SouthWest Airlines and developed a singular point of interface to manage security, performance and customer experience.

We build solutions to major corporate problems to help users streamline their ‘usually’ scattered digital presence.

Did we tell you that IncomeTrader got 500+ users in the first 30 days?! We bring solutions that will shine as the Orion Belt on the Cyber Vista!


DM – For when you know what you want and how you want IT!